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New InformationIt is believed that the Military shot down a {113} in 1952 !
Are we seeing its remains?

September, 1952

A particularly interesting series of {113} reports came from the vicinity of theOperation MainbraceNATO maneuvers held in September 1952. The maneuvers commenced September 13th and lasted twelve days. According to the U. S. Navy, “units of eight NATO governments and New Zealand participated, including 80,000 men, 1,000 planes, and 200 ships. Directed by British Admiral Sir Patrick Brind, “it was the largest NATO maneuver held up until that time.”

September 13The Danish destroyer Willemoes, participating in the maneuvers, was north of Bornholm Island. During the night, Lieutenant Commander Schmidt Jensen and several members of the crew saw an unidentified object, triangular in shape, which moved at high speed toward the southeast. The object emitted a bluish glow. Commander Jensen estimated the speed at over 900 mph.

Within the next week, there were four important sightings by wellqualified observers. (Various sources differ by a day or two on the exact dates, but agree on details. There is no question about the authenticity of the sightings; the British cases were officially reported by the Air Ministry, the others are confirmed by reliable witnesses. All occurred on or about September 20).

About September 20Personnel of the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier participating in the Mainbrace maneuvers, observed a silvery, spherical object which was also photographed. (The pictures have never been made public). The {113} was seen moving across the sky behind the fleet. Reporter Wallace Litwin took a series of color photographs, which were examined by Navy Intelligence officers. The Air Force project chief, Captain Ruppelt stated: “[The pictures] turned out to be excellent . . . . judging by the size of the object in each successive photo, one could see that is was moving rapidly.” The possibility that a balloon had been launched from one of the ships was immediately checked out. No unit had launched a balloon. A poor print of one of the photographs appears in the Project Blue {95} files, but with no analysis report.

September 20At Karup Field, Denmark, three Danish Air Force officers sighted a {113} about 7:30 P.M. The object, a shiny disk with metallic appearance, passed overhead from the direction of the fleet and disappeared in {47} to the east.

September 21Six British pilots flying a formation of RAF jets above the North Sea observed a shiny sphere approaching from the direction of the fleet. The {113} eluded their pursuit and disappeared. When returning to base, one of the pilots looked back and saw the {113} following him. He turned to chase it, but the {113} also turned and sped away.
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