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<br>{113} photos have been taken all over the world.

The Paranormal Scholar presents the top 10 most credible images of real UFOs ever caught on camera. Featuring the oldest recorded {113} photo, taken at the top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire. These real {113} photos could provide evidence of aliens.

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(10) Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

This is the oldest {113} photograph ever taken.

It was captured from the top of Mount Washington by a weather observatory which was monitoring {62} formations in the area.
The {78} shows a cigarshaped object, surprisingly reminiscent of an alien spacecraft

(9) Oregon

The identity of the photographer is a mystery. All that is known is that this photo was taken at Cave Junction, Oregon in the late 1920s

(8) Battle of Los Angeles

At 2:25am on the 25th of February, 1942, alarm sirens blared out across Los Angeles. However, this was not because of a Japanese attack, as many people suspected at the time.

The strange objects which lit up the sky above the city were not of any known origin

(7) “The Drakensberg Photos

South African Elizabeth Klarer was a selfproclaimed abductee who was said to have received telepathic messages fromSpace Brotherssince she was a child

(6) Lake Cote, Costa Rica

Captured by a Costa Rican government plane on an official mapping mission, this extraordinary {78} seemingly depicts a large {113} either entering or emerging from Lago de Cote

(5) Lubbock Texas

It was a summers evening when Dr. Robinson, a professor of geology, was standing in his back garden besides his colleagues, Dr. Oberg and Professor Ducker. Suddenly, all three of them witnessed a number of lights race noiselessly across the sky

(4) Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico

On 24th April 1993, Don Raul Dominguez managed to capture a {113} on camera, using up an entire roll of film, and six more from a second roll. The object which he photographed was a coppercoloured disc, which appeared to rise from a hillside..

(3) Big Bear Mountain, California

The two passengers of a small plane flying over Big Bear Mountain on 27th May 2004 were astonished when they saw what appeared to be something from another world. The traditional flyingsaucer shaped {113} was caught on camera by one of the passengers

(2) Waterbury, Connecticut

With over 30 yearsexperience as a commercial airline pilot, Randy Etting knows the skies like the back of his hand. However, on the night he took this photograph, he saw something which he could not explain

(1) The Belgian Triangles

There were no less than 30 groups of eyewitnesses of these strange triangular UFOs which flew across Belgium over the course of a year. Almost all reports are identical: large, lowflying crafts which moved silently across the sky

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