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<br>Guest Rony Vernet gives his opinion on recent attacks of Peruvian villagers and his research on many encounters with indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

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BIO: Rony Vernet is an Electronic and Computer Engineer and researcher at the Brazilian Center for Research in Physics in the area of Experimental Physics Applied to High Energy Physics, where he carries out work involving {0}. He has been a public servant in the energy sector for over 10 years, where he {82} a department implementing new technologies for logistics for the movement and storage of oil, derivatives and biofuels. He began to become actively involved with the {113} phenomenon in 2018, when he began carrying out field research in the Serra da Beleza region, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where he was able to witness different types of phenomena and is now running a technological monitoring project in the region. In 2020, he obtained the release from the Brazilian Government of more than 100 pages of documents and 20 minutes of videos about {113} attacks on indigenous people in the state of Acre, in the Brazilian Amazon. He frequently carries out field investigation missions, as in the case of the alleged {113} crash in Magรฉ. He spoke at hearings on anomalous phenomena in the Brazilian Senate in 2022 and in the Mexican {85} of Representatives in 2023.
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