These unexplained ufo sightings pictures of Mars could be proof of alien existence, but more or less, it is important for you to decide for yourself whether these are compelling enough. For years there have been sightings of strange objects in our skies and strange lights on the horizon. Things that could never be properly explained. Many have shared their stories of being picked up by alien life forms, probed and prodded and set back on Earth. The mystery of alien life in the universe has been an intriguing question since mankind started researching the outer space. But nowadays, since our technology evolved and we are able to send spacecrafts into the space, Mars is the closest planet which we can explore and the alien pictures received by the spacecrafts send there are more than fascinating.

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So here are some of the most unexplained pictures of aliens which may prove the existence of aliens on mars:

7.The crab-like figure: This pictures was taken by the Mars rover Curiosity and it is basically showing a crab-like alien creature or formation that seems to hide into the rocks. Many speculate that this creature, if it really exists, may resemble an alien “face hugger” like the one portrayed in the 1979 film “Alien”. Scientists believe that this is yet another case of pareidolia, but people around the world and many conspiracy theorists argue that the resemblance is too cunning.

6. The alien-like figure: This pictures was captured by the Mars rover curiosity in 2004, and since then it has captured people’s imagination all over the world. This alien-like figure standing and pointing with its hand upwards is unlikely to be a natural formation, and because of this, it can be one of the most shocking pictures of aliens ever taken by a Mars rover. It can be argued that this can be either a live being or a statue, but nonetheless it is clearly alien on this ufo sightings.

5.The Cydonia Pyramids: Alongside the face on Mars, there are three pyramids photographed by the mars rover curiosity, also in the recent ufo sightings of Cydonia. The picture shows a large architectural complex, the face and the three pyramids, which some researchers think that resemble the Sphinx and the Giza pyramids of Egypt. There are even some calculation done on the issue, regarding the fact that the three structures that may seem like the pyramids, are constructed according to the same coordinates as the Giza ones. All this is debatable, but the Cydonia region is clearly one of the most unexplained pictures Martian landscapes, due to its alien like constructions.

4.The crashed real alien spaceship: This picture was taken by NASA’s mars Rover Curiosity and took everybody by surprise. The shows some type of crushed alien spaceship, which cannot be human-made, and because of that, many think about the possibility of alien on Mars. The craft appears to be only about 3 meters across, so it was not a big spaceship, as it could have only held a few passengers. Alongside the other strange pictures of aliens captured by the NASA’ s mars Rovers, this particular ufo sightings picture make the belief in aliens on mars even stronger.

3. The alien skull: This strange formation looks very much like a skull, many can argue that it may even be a humanoid one, but the size of it, according to the scale of the NASA pictures, is clearly not human-like. The skull seems to have the jaw bone missing or buried into the Martian sand, but nonetheless it can be taken as a proof of alien existence of some type of ufo sightings on mars.

2. The face on Mars: This is one of the most famous real alien like captures of the Mars Rovers curiosity, because the face construction is very clear and large in scale. The huge face structure, situated in region of Mars called Cydonia,seems to be clearly constructed by intelligent beings of alien nature, due to its form and pattern. Although the picture is still surrounded by controversy, NASA scientist still believe that it is only an optical illusion, but there are many conspiracy theorists who research the topic.

1.The ghost figure: This pictures was also taken by the mars Curiosity rover and it depicts a type of ghostly alien figure on the red planet, which hardly can be mistaken as a pareidolia, as many argue that the pictures resemblance a kind of alien woman on mars wearing a cloak. No matter if this is a real thing, it is important to question ourselves what are this type of shapes on the surface of Mars and what are the implications existing in case of real aliens on this ufo sightings.

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