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Were at a tipping point in history, the hidden technology that could change everything has been suppressed for decades. Dr. Steven Greer presents mindblowing information along with never before seen access into the crusade behind disclosure. Retired FBI special agent John Desouza, Aerospace Historians James C, Goodall along with Michael Schratt breakdown the implications of the coverup, and the false {113} narrative created by the major {83}. How much does the President of the United States really know about the {113} phenomenon, and the Above Top {49} projects involved with exotic technology? Billy Carson presents the real motivation behind the major {83}, and the U.S. Military role out of the UAP phenomenon. Multi award filmmakers Blake and Brent Cousins travel across the country to find the real answers to everyones questions whether we are alone in the universe, and expose the above top {49} projects involved with ET recovered craft not of this world. Is theyre an Alien threat among us, or is the real threat human in nature? Above Top {49} the technology behind disclosure will change the way you think about UFOs, and the world of suppressed technology.

Cast: Dr. Steven Greer, James Goodall, John Desouza, Billy Carson, Michael Schratt, Brent Cousins, Blake Cousins.

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