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#BREAKING Miami MallCreatureCAUGHT ON {84}

As the days go by. More footage is getting released. Now, NEWSWEEK has even picked up the story.

As I stated in this previous post. Im sticking with the people on their eye witness accounts.

According to confirmed eye witnesses. They claimed it was a 10ft tall, grayish looking creature. That at times changed its colors to blend in with the people. But by it being so tall, people still saw it.

I zoomed in on one of the tiktok videos about the Miami mall creature, so you can see the gray creature walking in between these police {102} and the building,” wrote another user on the platform, sharing a {84} of the Monday incident.

The same user claimed that eyewitnesses said the creature was blending in with the crowdeven though it was very talland that its graysilver in color.

And, of course, the Miami Police report of the incident does not mention the presence of any unidentified creature.

In the {84}, you can clearly see a massive gray figure walking outside on the streets.

If you dont know what a reptilian is. Please do some research on it.

I will do a detailed pill on it soon

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. Aliens in Miami mall full {84} aliens attack
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