Episode 155 of the #AskAbhijit show: Ask me interesting questions, and I shall answer them.

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0:00 Countdown- Intro Music
1:00 Introduction- Hi, Hello..
3:48 Pakistan printing Indian currency notes?…
10:25 Shouldn’t India collaborate with other countries to manufacture passenger aircraft to break the duopoly wihout paying billions of dollars to western companies?…
18:42 Views on unidentified object popping over US, Canada; what does sir think about ohio chemical leak and no one talking about it?
25:35 With the west being rigid at G20, how will India be able to mediate and solve russia-ukraine conflict?
29:51 Why did France leave NATO in 1966?Can it happen again?
35:21 Thoughts on Indian Govt reducing budget to ISRO compared to the previous year?
44:25 Why is the english language so r*tarded?why can’t someone spell toast as “tost”?
52:25 someone says we all know that delhi sultan allauddin khulji what he did to the army of genghis khan and his army
56:41 what was operation popeye…?
1:01:53 Dharmic culture accepts LGBTQ+, but some LGBTQ who are left leaned and ridicule hinfu culture. what is the reason for this?
1:05:51 is there an agenda behind US Company investing $500 million in manipur?
1:09:32 In desperation for getting for getting money, will they sell their nukes?…
1:14:30 Isn’t it too late for AMCA that it will take first flight in 2030 and induction in 2033 and to reconsider some other options…?
1:20:50 Can you please share light on tartus port and it’s significance?Is rael bombed Damascus…?
1:26:25 Does sir think to protect dharma we should start eating beef and take testosterone injections?….
1:34:56 Are meiteis pre vedic hindus with their own version of scriptures called puys?…
1:41:25 Is kanglei civilization older than chinese?…
1:42:13 why will be there a earthquake in northeast as it is the same scientist that predicted an earthquake in Turkey…?
1:46:33 What makes tardigrades the toughest animal species on earth that can withstand just about any natural calamity or extreme environment?
1:51:33 Can our solar system have more undiscovered planets than what we know currently?…
1:53:59 When we talk about UFOs we always think it as a disk liks structure, why did we come up with specifically that shape?..
1:56:53 someone asks “Who am I?Mind or beyond mind?”
2:00:44 What is the connection between the vedic god indra’s killing of vrithra and the sumerian golgamesh flood story?
2:02:32 what are those indian idols found in columbia, and is indian culture related to native americans by any chance?
2:04:14 Increase of espionage within defence, are we going to see something big in the region?
2:05:10 How cost efficient it is to spy on your foe by using balloons, whether the govt is doing something similar, if not how can we develop this strategy?
2:06:47 Can we trust Israel because it is a american satellite state?
2:07:34 Does sir follow F1 racing?
2:08:29 Has sir watched MCU?
2:09:57 What are exoplanets and how do scientist search for life on other planets?
2:11:50 Conclusion- Thank you…

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