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{49} Space Missions Exposed: Time Travel & Alien Contact 11/10/16
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Wednesday Mar. 04, 2015
Hyperspace & Time Travel

Wednesday Sep. 10, 2014
Earth & Eden/ Meier Prophecies

Michael Horn, spokesperson for {113} contactee Billy Meier, addressed controversies and validity of the Meier case.

Billy Meier Michael Horn
Michael Horn has been researching the Billy Meier {113} Contacts for 25 years and is the authorized representative for the {95} on the Meier case, and Yet They Fly. Michael focuson Meiers prophetically accurate scientific and world event information.

Michael Horn Official Site for Eduard Meiers:
โœ” <a href=”http://www.theyfly.com/” target=”_blank“>http://www.theyfly.com/a>

Billy Meier ๐Ÿ›ธ Tapes {113} Pleiadian Semjase Beamship {84} PhotosBilly Meier Contact Notes (tapes) Playlist
โ˜• <a href=”http://goo.gl/iYEISktarget=”_blank“>http://goo.gl/iYEISka>

Billy Meier contact notes: Alien contact detailssays real Aliens do existtells the truth about Pleiadian flying saucers. An authentic {84} tape on the Pleiadian Semjase Beamship and time travel photos from Eduard Meiers.

Billy Meier ๐ŸŽฅ {113} Footage Time Travel Alien Photos Prophecy Documentary ๐Ÿ‘ฝ Wendelle Stevens Contact YouTube Playlist
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Billy Meier Documentary
Eduard Billy Meier contact experiencesdocumented by Wendelle Stevens

Detailed information about Semjase
โœ” <a href=”http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Semjasetarget=”_blank“>http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Semjasea>

Eduard is a pleiadian {113} Contactee. An extraterrestrial woman named Semjase had conversations with Eduard in the mid 1970s. Eduard has taken hundreds of photographs & videos of the Semjase Beamship.

The Wendelle Stevens Billy Meier contact documentary was filmed in Switzerland, Scotland & the USA. An authentic documentary by Wendelle Stevens on the Pleiadian Semjase Beamship and time travel photos from Eduard.

Billy Meier Randolph Winters Lecture Playlist
โ˜• <a href=”http://goo.gl/hp4d46target=”_blank“>http://goo.gl/hp4d46a>

Time Travel ProofBilly Meier Photos
He has produced Time Travel photographs, {113} film footage, beamship sound recordings and even beamship metal samples as {113} evidence of his visitations.

Billy Eduard Albert Meier
Semajse Beamship Photos and {84}!
Billy claims to have seen aliens on mars, and took prehistoric travel photos of dinosaurs. The Plejarans traveled back in time to the age of the dinosaurs! Check out Billy Meier Dinosaur Photos.

Billy Meier Hoax | {113} Hoax
Photographs are actually of an illustration from a {95} about dinosaurs. A live action picture of a Pteranodon catching, or releasing, prey would be amazing.

Dinosaur photo comparisons:
โœ” <a href=”http://goo.gl/29OPnktarget=”_blank“>http://goo.gl/29OPnka>

Billy contacted Pleiadian aliens! Faked dinosaur photos and films using props and stop motion/cut photography to make the beamship disappear and reappear on film. Took photos of female Alien (Asket), photo was taken of a television screen from an episode of the Dean Martin show.

Photographed pictures of dinosaurs and photos showing him with a laser gun!

Eduard Alberts {101} storybecoming the messenger for an advanced race of beings known as the Plejaran.
โœ” <a href=”http://www.billymeierufocase.com/” target=”_blank“>http://www.billymeierufocase.com/a>

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Billy Meier Documentary {84}

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