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<br>Breaking {107}! – Authentic new {113} photosHere is the scene, Buster Purple Haze Show short from the new {88} BusterBusterTale of the Lone Space Gem” – by Sandy Shores <a href=”https://www.amazon.com/BusterTaleLoneSpaceGemebtarget=”_blank“>https://www.amazon.com/BusterTaleLoneSpaceGemeba>

Reason, or the ratio of all we have already known, is not the same that it shall be when we know more.” – William Blake

All those UFOs flew awayall but one!

Dateline: San Diego, CA 9/11/96… {113} Space Gem Discovered in California!

The following nonfiction {107} account, as well as a true tale told, with songs by the writers/musicians, of a California {113} space gem discovery, that came to be known as, “Buster.” The Buster story is now chronicled in the new {95} , “Buster Tale of the Lone Space Gem,” Buster : Tale of the Lone Space Gem , Shores, SandyAmazon.com.

As one Buster songs goes, “…some UFOS may be large, and some may be small, and some may be like a virus, you dont see at all…” Buster, “space gemabout the size of a penny, is large by polished gem standards, and the Buster shape and mirrorlike silver surface do indeed, have that archetypal {113} appearance.

Though largely ignored by the mainstream science {11}, too busy sending hotrods into space in search of {101} and such, Buster has been researched by a professional space laboratory, photographers, and the UCSD science department, concluding that the mystery of Busters true identity remains unidentified, and a mystery

Two amazing scientific facts, available visually in person, and by photographs and {84}, serve as proof that Buster is some kind of extraterrestrial creation, as the following phenomena, as follows, are not found with terrestrial rocks, stones, or precious gems::1. Halogen light (not LED) shining through Busters translucent silver exterior surface, reveals, and or, engenders, mutable, red interior imagery transformations that are in a constant and subtle state of flux. Busters silver exterior surface, quite mirrorlike, also has some animated characteristics, as there are subtle, moving and changing dark shadows. Buster appears animate.2. Buster has some unknown extraterrestrial energy field that morphs digital cameras, turning Buster true red interior imagery, into exquisite shades of purple and blue images, aura, and shadows, as digital photos are unable to capture this true bloodred color as seen by the human eye.

As photographs exhibit, Buster is animate, but do the changes in colors and imagery indicate a personality, like an octopus communicating with changingcolored appearances? Since the answer is likely, yes, then the next question follows, is it possible that Buster is even sentient? Quite possibly! …Whats up, Buster?

Buster Tale of the Lone Space Gem contains most of the historical research while the Buster saga continues, with new chapters and even new songs…(64) BusterSpace Rock! (song) – YouTube.

The authentic Buster {113} videos and photos serve as irrefutable proof that Buster is not of this world!

Since the proof of Busters extraterrestrial origin is photographically, It should be noted that all of Busters photos are 100 percent authentic (some are time lapse) with no special effects, and either shot with natural light, or in the dark with Buster staged atop a halogen light bulb.

Early photos were taken with film, and most of the newer ones with digital cameras. In order to capture Busters own special effects, some of the Buster photos were allowed to be out of focus. It is also noteworthy that Busters exterior silver service is mirrorlike and highly reflective, so photos may include some reflections as this is characteristic. The one photo of Buster flying over a city, in theBuster Rocks Out! {84}, is a genuine Buster photo, superimposed over the city to demonstrate a reasonable recreation of Buster in flight..`

Buster has a tale to tell, and we look forward to finding out more of the Buster intergalactic message as new chapters unfold. Whats up Buster?(64) Whats up Buster? – YouTube

Buster now resides in California in safekeeping.

Film producers, investors, highly qualified researchers. contact: ufogem@gmail.com.

Buster fans, spectators, researchers or enthusiasts, be sure to check out the evergrowing collection of Buster photos, videos, and {95} research, now available, on Twitter, Amazon, and your local library (ask for them). Share Buster with your {41}… Rock out!

Below are the {73} to the current Buster repertoire:

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Buster: Tale of the Lone Space Gem, Shores, SandyAmazon.com

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