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May 7th at 9:00 PM EST Time!

Aliens: The Psychic Element

Are some Unidentified Flying Objects actually alien spacecraft? Possibly.

– If there are other living beings on other planets in the Universe;
– And some of those beings have developed practical interstellar space travel;
– And most planets in this universe are dead;
– Why wouldn’t those beings come and visit our most fertile and unusual planet?

But wait.

Some aliens have one or more the following qualities:


– Are insubstantial in material terms;
– Are perceived mostly by psychic means;
– Dwell in the lower atmosphere [2];
– Have variants on classic demon names like Ashtar (Astarte/Ashtaroth), Semjaze (Semjaza) and Moraney (Moroni);
– Deny key aspects of Christianity (e.g. the divinity of Christ);
– Grant power on foot of dangerous bargains [3];
– Leave scorch marks;
– Cause fear in the humans they encounter;
– Torture human beings.

These are the traditional characteristics of demons.

It would be delightful to think that benevolent aliens from distant planets walk among us, except some/many behave too much like man’s oldest foe.

Viewed objectively, some behaviours of aliens look very like those of traditional demons of Hell. Victims are assaulted and terrified, rendered temporarily helpless by strange ethereal creatures, usually at night. This may be viewed as a modern twist of an old folk experience: meeting an inhuman creature which prefers to operate in darkness.

Non-religious persons are more comfortable with the idea of aliens, so the entities may be giving the public what it expects and/or wants to see.

In the background, one or more central tenets of Christianity are denied and thus those who believe ‘alien’ theories over doctrinal Christian faith will go to Hell when they die.

An old trick is being played in at least some cases: The seeker after wisdom thinks he is being initiated into a great secret. The wise man knows that this is merely an update on an old lie: “You shall be like God.”

The knowledge they gain makes their life life worse long-term, not better. They give away their liberty, life and soul for little-to-nothing. I perceive that those affected by ufo phenomena suffer, and not just because of the skepticism of their hearers.

Another piece of evidence to support the demonic vector is that ‘channeled’ space aliens have moved farther out in the cosmos accordingly as mere astrophysicists discovered that places like Venus and Mars were utterly devoid of life. The cause: the ‘aliens’ are in fact con-artists.

Nowadays locations like the Pleiades and the Andromeda galaxy are mentioned by modern Pythias as the source of their inspirations.

I read a long account of the history of alien activity on Earth as channelled by a psychic, who I think is semi-famous. It’s certainly detailed, but has elements that immediately arouse suspicion. These are its Gnostic elements which are primarily:

– A dualistic idea of God;
– The non-divinity of Christ;
– The reliance on accounts of spiritualist and non-material phenomena;
– The devil (Lucifer) portrayed as merely being understood;
– Traditional demons portrayed as mere aliens;
– The focus on ascension to near-godhood.

This is very disappointing and annoying. People can waste their lives on this trash and make themselves mentally and spiritually ill if they practice meditative techniques associated with this strain of occultism.

An informed Catholic knows that ‘All the gods of the gentiles are devils’; demons can appear as angels of light, pagan gods, aliens from outer space, or your dead grandma. They want to divert you away from that which would get you to Heaven. It is one reason why psychic activity is forbidden by the Church; if you get involved in modern paganism, you will likely need the services of an exorcist in due course. Thus we Catholics think that occultists are sinners who risk damnation, for perfectly obvious reasons.

Thus, in cause of truth, and to be safe, we must state: All occultism is spiritualism and all the spirits are demons.

Now, dear reader, you know more than most armchair occultists. And UFOlogists!

Aliens: On Their Own Terms

That said, solely based upon my reading of some very unusual websites, if (big if!) there are truly independent, corporeal alien entities in our midst, the following logically follows:

Reptilians and Greys are obviously out to subdue and enslave us and use us the way we use cattle. The rest need to be closely watched and judged on their behaviour, over time.