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In this clip, Vlad reflected on his previous interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked about his beliefs on God. Tyson clarified that determining which God was being referred to was crucial as there have been thousands of gods throughout human history. After contemplation, Tyson stated that based on his vast knowledge of the universe, he couldnt find any evidence of an intelligent being directing the universe and believed it all to be random. Similarly, Dr. Steven Greer shared his perspective, noting the varying portrayals of God in different religious texts and emphasizing his faith in evidence. However, unlike Tyson, Greer expressed belief in God and an afterlife, shaped by a neardeath experience at age 17. He also explained his beliefs in higher dimensions and an unbounded, intelligent, supreme being, sharing experiences from the early seventies when he was a meditation teacher alongside the Maharishi. Greer suggested that people look within themselves to discover that great being instead of seeking it externally.

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