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In this clip, Dr. Steven Greer expressed his doubts about natural reproduction between extraterrestrial beings and humans. While certain species of alien might appear to have a similar physical form, genetic factors would likely preventnormalreproduction. However, aided by advanced technologies, Dr. Greer confirmed that there have been controversial classified experiments involving a hybrid of human and extraterrestrial DNA. He cited specific programs, referring to strangelyparthuman, partextraterrestrial‘ {101} forms that have been created. Dr. Greer also revealed that humans have been used for further terrifying experiments aimed at creating a humanmachine conscious interface, essentially hijacking the navigation systems of spacecraft. These controversial and ethically questionably programs are ongoing, and despite their impact, mainstream {83} has largely ignored their existence. Dr. Greer is determined to bring these matters into the open, blaming the slow progress on government and {83} inaction.

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