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<br>Do you ever look at a {113} {84} and wonder if it is a hoax? {113} videos are sometimes fake. We all know that. Lots of people make fake pictures and videos using {24} like photo {105}, ect. More power to you, have {112}. I just dont like it when they try to say their fake pictures are real and not a hoax.

We all hear stories of {113} abduction or a {113} crash, or area 51 or whatever. We grow up hearing about Roswell, Men in Black , and {49} government cover up conspiricy theories.

I have two things to say about all that. Number one, some of those stories are true. I have first hand knowledge that ufos are real. Take that to the bank.

Number two, some of the stories are fakea hoax. We all know that. There have always been fake pictures and fake {113} {84} footage. Sometimes a hoax is so good, you cant tell its fake.

That makes it difficult to ferret out the truth. People have managed to blur the line between the truth and the lie. That makes it difficult for genuine truth seekers.

One thing I hope to accomplish with this {84} is to give people a sense of healthy scepticism. I want people to be open minded, while at the same timenot believe everything they see and hear. Find a balance. You need to learn to not be so closed minded, but then again, you dont need to be a sucker either.

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