#thecosmosnews We could see a “high resolution image” of a ufo within two years claims Professor Avi Loeb .
UFOs Are Always Blurry in Photos, So This Professor Wants to Use High-Res Telescopes
Harvard professor Avi Loeb talks about the Galileo Project, which will use a system of AI-powered telescopes to get high-resolution images and data to try to identify unidentified aerial phenomena – also known as UFOs.

Professor Avi Loeb won’t rest until the scientific community takes ufo research seriously.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the controversial Harvard professor said we may be mere months away from seeing the first image detailed enough to provide incontrovertible evidence that UFOs are alien spacecraft.

That’s because he aims to capture a “high resolution image” of a ufo within the next two years, he explained, with the aid of a large team of scientists and a vast globe-spanning network of cameras and telescopes.

An empirical investigation into UFOs

Loeb has gained great public attention in recent months and years for his confident claims on the existence of technologically-advanced alien civilizations. Last year, he founded the Galileo Project, which aims to provide evidence for alien technology by building a global network of telescopes, cameras, and computers to allow it to investigate UFOs.