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<br>God Vs Aliens is a controversial documentary by filmmaker/musician Mark Christopher Lee that delves into the potential impact of first contact with extraterrestrials on global religions and the role of AI. Featuring exclusive interviews with renowned {113} experts, including Nick Pope (UKs Ministry of {31}) and Professor Avi Loeb (Harvard University), the film explores evidence from ancient texts and the Bible regarding previous visitations. Addressing recent revelations by DOD whistleblowers, the documentary highlights interviews with {113} abductee Tony Topping, who claims a variety of alien types exist and Avi Loeb claiming that extraterrestrials may send AI drones rather thanmannedvehicles, to makefirst contactwith AI systems on Earth. The film also touches on the role of a secretive organization, The Collins Elite, in covering up abduction phenomena. The film has received worlwide press from FOX {107}, BBC, Daily Mail, ect.

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Directed By: Mark Christopher Lee

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