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Alex Mistretta peers at the photographs that have been passed on to him. Fuzzy and dated, they show large and mysterious objects looming ominously in the sky. Could the pictures really reveal the truth about a {49} long kept hidden by the powers that be?

The story began back in March 1971. At this time, the USS Trepang was operating in the Arctic Ocean. A United States Navy submarine, it was carrying out tests on its weapons systems beneath the ice cap.
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On board the vessel was Rear Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett, Jr., who had been Commanding Officer of the Trepang for a little over half a year. Also on board was an officer named John Klika, who apparently had a close encounter of the bizarre kind.

Yes, according to an anonymous source, Klika spotted a strange object through the periscope of the submarine while on this particular Arctic excursion. And more than 40 years later, some photographs that were allegedly snapped on that fateful day surfaced from the depths to baffle the world.


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