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<br>One of the best Ive ever seen. Just found it the other day on a {113} {28}.

El Paso, Texas. On August 8, 2008 William Gertrudis spotted something unusual in the sky. “I saw a flying craft of some kind, dead silent going at extreme speed but able to quickly change directions.” He described it as silver/white, oval in shape andabout as long as a Greyhound bus.” Gertrudis, 62, who photographs wildlife as a hobby retrieved his camera from his {109} and proceeded to take several photos but the object proved elusive. “I knew my shots were going to be hit or miss,” due to the irregular pattern of flight, “but Im grateful I got one good one.”

Gertrudis, who lives just outside El Paso with his wife and 3 dogs, was not alone as a witness. At least 6 others from around the region reported an unusual disc flying that afternoon. “I was always the guy who would laugh when I heard about people seeing flying saucers,” Gertrudis said, “but I guess its time someone else laughs. What I saw didnt seem of this earth.”

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