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<br>This episode we travel from Kings Canyon to Alice Springs, and find a hidden gem of a campground located just outside of town. There is so much to explore around Alice including the incredible East and West McDonnell Ranges!

Then we travel further north to Devils Marbles, Karlu Karlu Conservation Reserve and have a close encounter of the {113} kind! One of the strangest things we have ever seen across our 4 years of travel!

Our epic road trip from South East Queensland to the incredible Red CentreUluru and Kata Tjutathe beating heart of Central Australia, is underway!

Well be driving approximately 7500km over a 28 day period to complete this mini lap of Australiaa road trip we believe every Aussie should experience in their lifetime!

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Is Alice Springs Safe? + Epic Outback {113} Sighting!
Off Grid Australia Series
Season 7
Episode 189

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00:00 U.F.O Close Encounter 👽
00:43 Kings Canyon, NT
01:49 Erldunda Roadhouse & Desert Oaks Resort
02:02 Battle At The Bowser | Erldunda Roadhouse Shell
05:18 Stuarts Well Roadhouse & Campground
05:35 Jasper Meets The Locals
06:20 Temple Bar Caravan Park
08:51 Morning Debrief TFGF
09:36 400kms To Devils Marbles
09:52 Youth Crime, Is It A Problem?
12:20 Highlights In Temple Bar
12:49 The Macdonnell Ranges
13:04 NDhala Gorge, East Macdonnell Ranges
15:28 West Macdonnell Ranges, NT
15:39 Standley Chasm
17:40 Alice Springs Overview
18:51 Giveaway Time! Australias Explorers Way
21:56 Battle At The Bowser | Alice Springs BP
22:37 Tropic Of Capricorn Rest Stop
25:09 AileronAnmatjere Man, Woman & Child
25:35 Gulf Savannah OffRoad Caravan Tag Along
27:25 Barrow Creek Roadhouse & Caravan Park
27:54 Devils Marbles, Karlu Karlu Conservation Reserve
30:03 Karlu Karlu Campground
31:50 Claire | Exploring By Bicycle
34:36 U.F.O Close Encounter Of The First Kind
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37:51 After The Credits Scenes
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