<iframe title = “Las Vegas police set up cameras at {85} where family called 911 to report alienswidth=”580height=”385src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/dpClX9O3iWY?autoplay=1&modestbranding=1frameborder=”0allowfullscreen>iframe>
<br>Las Vegas Metro police have set up cameras in the yard of the family who called 911 to report an alien sighting.

On April 30 around 11:50 p.m., a Las Vegas Metro police officers body camera {84} recorded as something streaked low across the sky. Several people across eastern California, Nevada and Utah reported seeing the flash, according to the American Meteor Society.

About 40 minutes later, a young man called 911, saying he and his family saw something fall from the sky and that there were two moving things in his northwest valley backyard.

Theres like an 8foot person beside it and another one is inside us and it has big eyes and its looking at usand its still there,” the caller told a dispatcher around 12:30 a.m. on May 1. “Theyre like 8 foot, 9 feet, 10 foot. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes. Like, I cant explain it, and big mouth. Theyre shiny eyes and theyre human. Theyre 100% not human.”

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