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Jet in ‘near miss’ with ufo
close encounter with a ufo
Area 51exists and there were strange goings on admit CIA
The existence of Area 51, the US airbase rumoured to house UFOs, along with details of some of the strange activities that went on there have been officially acknowledged in newly released CIA documents.
Video of unusual cloud activity goes viral
ufo expert: ‘no definitive proof that aliens exist’
As the last cases to be dealt with by the MoD’s ufo Department before it was shut down in 2009 are revealed, John Wickham of the British ufo Research Association says that “people just want to believe in different things”, when it comes to sightings of unidentified objects.
ufo files: ‘The end of the ufo file. Real Aliens.
ufo files: highlights of some of the most unusual MoD reports
eports of ufo sightings
ufo files: Airmen report ‘blob’ exploding near RAF base
Soldiers’ ufo sighting resolved
ufo sighting by a group of soldiers
The ‘Rendlesham Forest incident’
Newly released ufo files from the National Archives
Police helicopter ufo ‘near miss’
An official investigation into a “near-collision” between a police helicopter and a ufo over Birmingham city centre was unable to establish what the mysterious craft was.
ufo reported over Parliament
ufo flying over the Houses of Parliament.
ufo files: Britain’s X Files unit defeated… by Chinese lanterns
For more than half a century, the government unit responsible for keeping Britain’s own “X Files” meticulously monitored Britain’s skies to record all reports of flying saucers.
Midlands couple ‘tracked by ufo
A couple driving from Matlock to Stoke-on-Trent reported being tracked along much of their journey by a “shape-changing” ufo craft – or a series of them.
Farmers to reap profit from crop circles
Farmers are to make a profit from people venturing on to their land to look at crop circles.
money and Britons join US quest for truth about UFOs
A handful of British stars are helping America’s believers continue their long quest for the truth about UFOs, reports Raf Sanchez.
Ex-congressmen form panel to investigate UFOs
A group of former members of Congress is planning to hold an exhaustive 30 hours of hearings seeking the truth about UFOs.
Alien Investigations. “alien sightings” from the last five year.
ufo enthusiasts admit the truth may not be out there after all
“flying saucer” sightings and failure to establish proof of alien existence has led ufo enthusiasts to admit they might not exist after all.
ufo reports
Ministry of Defence will no longer probe ufo sightings after ruling there is “no evidence” they pose a threat.
Alien files released by MoD ‘are fascinating’
Former Ministry of Defence ufo investigator, Nick Pope, says the latest classified documents to be released by the National Archives are likely to provoke controversy.
The ufo Files: document database
A raft of documents released by the Ministry of Defence today contains nearly 7,000 pages of information on successive governments’ ufo policies, Parliamentary questions, public correspondence and sightings of UFOs.
The ufo Files: Alien sightings in Britain
ufo sightings have been reported in dozens of locations across Britain, with silver suited “faceless humanoids” in West Wales and suspicious-looking “men in black” in Lincolnshire, according to Ministry of Defence documents.
The ‘strangest job in Whitehall’
A Whitehall civil servant was paid to investigate ufo reports, record alien sightings and liaise with “UFOlogists”, it has emerged, after a full description of the role has been published for the first time.
Blair briefed on alien defence policy
Tony Blair was so concerned about the disclosure of classified information on extra-terrestrials when he was Prime Minister he received a full briefing about UFOs from the Ministry of Defence, it has emerged.
UFOs: what people see
As the MoD releases 7,000 pages of information on successive governments’ ufo policies, Parliamentary questions, public correspondence and sightings of UFOs, we take a look at what people see when they spot UFOs.