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<br>As I begin my new Wednesday {84} spot of Weird Wednesdays, I want to make sure that Im not stuck only covering cryptids but all sorts of weird things. Though paranormal or supernatural phenomenon cannot literally be quantified in a skeptical scientific way, they do hold ethnological, anthropological, and culture value. On top of that, there are some phenomena that can be picked apart to find a realworld explanation. Most cryptids are flesh and blood animals that people witness, rather than spookyooky apparitions that dont make sense based on the world in which we live. UFOs straddle the line between the bizarre parts of the natural and supernatural and therefore offer quite a bit of meat for us to sink our fangs into. With that out of the way, lets delve into one of the most famous {113} stories that gifted {113} nut and skeptic alike some of the best photographic proof of the existence of UFOs.

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