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<br>In this {84}, Im doing a slide show of the best NASA {113} Pictures from NASAs SOHO Satellite for 2016. The pictures are in order from January to December 2016. There was alot of activity this year on the SOHO satellite. This camera takes pictures every 15 to 20 minutes of the sun.

I like to call themFlying Eyeballs“. In these pictures they are the ones that look like light bulbs in the pictures. This is because the move very fast and the pictures are long exposures.If you look close you can see the eye as a streak down the middle of the light tubes on the eyeballs that are looking at the satellite. They seem to be some sort of {101} form that lives in outer space. In the pictures you can see how they school like fish in the ocean, Also the seem to be very curious and fast. I believe these Flying Eyeballs be about 4 to 6 ft. in diameter .

The other {113} in these NASA pictures are the bird ships. Because of the way they look. They appear to be propelled. So not sure where the bird ships are coming from. Did not see alot of good pictures of them this year.

{76} By: WOODIE
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