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<br>Quick Guide for NEW {113} Events in GTA 5 Online. Every day a {113} will spawn between 10 pm and 3 am (ingame time) at a specific location (which changes every IRL day). Taking a picture and sending it to Omega will reward you with a total of $15,000. And doing this for all 18 days will give you a bonus reward (not currently known).
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00:00 Intro
00:27 Jack O Lantern Location 1
00:40 Jack O Lantern Location 2
00:52 Jack O Lantern Location 3
01:10 Jack O Lantern Location 4
01:27 Jack O Lantern Location 5
01:40 Jack O Lantern Location 6
01:58 Jack O Lantern Location 7
02:11 Jack O Lantern Location 8
02:25 Jack O Lantern Location 9
02:37 Jack O Lantern Location 10
02:49 Unlock Pumpkin Mask

HEY BOYS (gamers) (gaming) it is me LogOfOne here to {103} gta5 (gta 5) (gta online) Finally I reached my final destination, JFK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT where I then witnessed TGG (the gaming gorilla, ((famous gta 5 YouTuber)) being detained by the TSA for suspicion of international piracy on the high seas (wow). Professional, Tylarious, Broughy1322, Digital {109} Addict, GTAmen, GhillieMaster, Saintsfan, Nitrix Warlord, TGG andMRBOSSFTW.

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All {84} clips were recorded on Xbox Series S.

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