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<br>Episode Notes
Guest: Sean Turi, Owner at Turi Productions LLC

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Marco Ciappelli, CoFounder at ITSPmagazine [@ITSPmagazine] and Host of Redefining Society Podcast

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Episode Introduction

Welcome to another captivating episode of Audio Signals, your goto podcast for discussions at the crossroads of art, creativity, and technology. Today, our host Marco Ciappelli delves into a profound exploration of a rapidly changing worldone where photography is being radically redefined by technology, AI in particular.

Joining him is Sean Turi, a seasoned New Yorkbased photographer who, recently, has expanded his professional orbit to encompass YouTube and podcasting. Together, they question whether this intersection of technology and photography blurs the lines between reality and artifice, or merely enhances our creativity.

In this episode, Marco and Sean grapple with questions that have risen alongside the proliferation of AI in the photographic realm. Can we continue to perceive photography as an art of creativity in the face of such change? Does technology obscure or accentuate the distinction between the real and the artificial? They also delve into a more intriguing topic – {113} {78} and {84} debunkinga niche Sean has developed a particular interest in.

A {96}-enthusiast at heart, Sean sheds light on his journey from traditional photography to exploring the possibilities of AI and advanced technology in his craft. From debunking {113} imagery to investigating the blurred lines of AIgenerated visuals, he combines his photographic expertise with technological {86}, making for an incredibly engaging conversation.

Marco, with his indomitable curiosity and knack for deepdiving into subjects, prods Sean to share his views and experiences on deciphering the authenticity of images in the digital age. They delve into discussions about everything from the rise of deepfakes to the transformative effects of AI on the art and science of photography.

This episode promises to be an enlightening dialogue that unearths various facets of photographys future and the looming challenges in discerning reality from fiction in our technologyridden world. So tune in, enjoy the conversation, and join us in pondering over these thoughtprovoking subjects. Dont forget to share it with your {41} and subscribe to Audio Signals for more compelling discussions. Lets explore the intriguing world of {96}-infused creativity together!




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