@ancientsecretdiscoveries Throughout the world numbers of giant geoglyphs have been discovered, the most notable, those that lie on the plains of Nazca, Peru. Many believe that they represent messages to the gods, some believe they are markers of locations where the gods descended from the skies. For many years, such discoveries have been debated. What do they truly represent? Deciphering ancient symbols have also been challenging, the most mysterious are found throughout Egypt. What secret technologies did they once possess? Ancient cart tracks cut deep into stone still remain a mystery and now with the aid of satellite technology, we are finding many large anomalies found throughout the deserts of planet Earth. In more modern times researchers find themselves looking for the evidence of mysterious portals associated with the sighting of cryptid creatures and UFOs. Just as they have been seen around Skinmwalker Ranch in Utah, U.S. Just how long has this phenomena been here and did artists try to tell us as to what was seen in the skies many years ago through their incredible artwork and paintings?

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