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<br>Real {113} | {113} pictures from Rhode Island in 1967 | #{113} |#Alien | #Telugudollarchannel | {113} sightings.

{113} pictures from Rhode Island in 1967.

On 10 June 1967, at about 12:00, noon, Mr. Harold A. Trudel took photographs of a diskshaped object in East Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He managed to take 7 photos. The photographs show a slightly asymmetricshaped object with a small dome and aerial extending from the bottom. Six days later, on the 16th of June, Trudel saw and photographed the same or a similar object, except there was noantennain evidence this time. On 11th July, at 17:10, in the same area, Trudel again saw and photographed the same object again hovering over the power lines. Twenty minutes later 19,000 consumers in the area suffered a complete POWER FAILURE!

The photographs were examined and proved real. Here are some of the pics he has taken.

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