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<br>REAL UFOS was produced in 2004 by Adoni Films

<a href=”http://realufos.orgtarget=”_blank“>http://realufos.orga>

It was called THE GREATEST {113} MOVIE EVER by 247 {107}

It is now over 10 years since it was released and Adoni Films is allowing it to be viewed on youtube for FREE

See the movie that changed UFOlogy.

Most of the ideas expressed in {113} documentaries now came from this film.

Narrated by {113} author Sollog


All the top {113} events from ancient times to modern times are in this amazing film.

The Abydos {113} stelle
Artwork from ancient times with UFOS
Rock art with UFOS
The lights of Phoenix {113}
Twin Towers {113}

You can discuss UFOS in the top forum on the net for UFOS at

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