On August 3, 2011 around 10:00AM in Mesa, AZ, I went outside onto my porch to drink my coffee and watch the sky. The outside temperature wasn’t too hot or warm, and the sky was cloudy with a slight haze. The lighting condition for that morning was actually perfect for taking portrait pictures. Then shortly later around 10:17 AM, I noticed in the north direction of the sky an object traversing towards me at a low altitude at the height that vultures or falcons sometimes normally fly in circling patterns. The object was a dark color, and it appeared elongated like a wing. I first thought it was a vulture gliding towards me until the object became brilliantly white in color. I began taking pictures of the object when suddenly I realized that I forgot to change the camera mode setting which I had it in the manual setting and the shutter speed set at 1/30 sec. I quickly changed the camera mode; however after quickly changing the camera mode, the object was no longer seen in the sky, and it was at close range. For about five minutes, I desperately searched the sky for that object, but it had just simply vanished from the sky.
I sat back down in my lawn chair, then around 10:22 AM, I saw a falcon circling the sky in the general area I saw the unknown object. I took two pictures of the falcon. Then around 10:26 AM, I saw a high flying jet coming towards me which I took many pictures of it. Then shortly right after I finished taking pictures of the jet, I spotted another unknown object around 10:27 AM in the same area I saw the first object. This object was coming my way and it looked brownish in color and sharp in contrast. This object definitely did not look like a balloon at all; however, I kept thinking to myself that maybe it was one of those oval shape, flat balloons but that was unlikely. I quickly and manually focused the camera and took a few pictures of the object. Then I switch to the auto-focus. I didn’t have the auto-focus set to a single focus area, so occasionally, the camera would have difficulties focusing because the focus pattern was also trying to focus on the clouds too.; and the camera will not take a picture until the picture is in focus. While I was taking pictures of the unknown object, a falcon kept circling the object and following the object too as the object slowly traverse the sky. It was apparent that the falcon saw the object too, and maybe it too had no idea what that object was traversing. While the falcon was circling around the object, I did my best to include the falcon in the picture too, but I did not zoom out since there was no other features like a building or tree that could be included in the picture due to the angle of the object in the sky. The object was at the same altitude the falcon was flying and circling in the sky. The wind appeared to be coming from the west and very gentle in breeze while the object slowly traverse from the north direction. The object appeared slightly bigger than the falcon in center mass size but not bigger in length as in the falcon’s wing size. The object traverse horizontally, but it did not appear to traverse in a true straight heading. The object appeared to be between 60 and 80 feet in altitude. The object did not appear to be brilliant in light. No sunlight reflection was observed or apparent. The object made no noise as it traverse over me at low altitude. The object appeared to my perception of it about the size of a large basketball. The object traverse at an estimated speed of a slow drifting balloon. Changes in the object shape were seen; however, the shape generally seen tend to be more oval or eye shape in appearance. Estimated distant to me, 200 feet away at the furthest distant.
Then around 10:54 AM, I spotted another object west in direction. The distant that object from me was about 3 football field lengths and at 2 football field length high in altitude. That object was spherical in shape, and it appeared bright white in color. That object was drifting upwards into the sky like a balloon; therefore, I suspected that object drifting upwards as being a balloon. However, no strings on that object was seen, and sometimes it was a slight oval shape rather than just being mostly spherical shape object. It eventually disappeared into the clouds.

The first and second objects seen is defiantly an ufo of some sort which I like to call them UFEs.