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<br>Some ofworlds best ever {113} picturesgo online with CIA former top {49} files
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LOOKING like it is straight out of a 1950s sicfi B movie, the George {87} {113} is one of the clearest flying saucers ever allegedly captured on film.
A series of pictures of the bizarre disc were said to have been snapped by George {87} of Passaic, New Jersey, on July 29, 1952.
Now, the CIA has used one of the pictures, and a series of other historic {113} sightings, to highlight the top {49} investigations it carried out in the 1940s and 1950s.
The US intelligence agency, often accused by {113} conspiracy theorists of being involved in a major cover up to hide evidence of alien {101} from the public, has for some reason chosen to upload some of its formerly classified {113} case files to its {28}.
Included among the files is that of the George {87} sighting.
Mr {87} was allegedly in his yard with a friend when they say the object appeared in the sky at about 4.30pm.
The story goes that Mr {87} ran into his {85} to grab his camera, before firing off five photos of the {113}.
They said it was flying at about 200 feet and then flew off at high speed.
The disc was described as solid, metallic and with a transparent, domed top.
The pair said it was a blue to grey colour, made no noise, and was about 10 metres across.
According to theparanormalguide.com, which catalogues former {113} sightings, despite being so clear, the shots received little attention at the time.
The {89} said: “Considering these images of what may have been a {113} were so clear, they received very little attention, and for a good reasonthe various agencies in control asked {83} outlets and the police to stop taking on reports and reporting {113} events, as they were coming in too fast to handle – {107} of UFOs were literally clogging up channels as 1952 saw a massive wave of sightings.”
No firm conclusion was reached over the pictures, other than that they could have been an elaborate hoax, using a saucer and an upturned teacup.
It seems as though the CIA was not just interested in sightings above US soil though.
Another of the images placed online by the CIA is a sinisterlooking multiple {113} sighting picture said to have been snapped over Sheffield, in northern England, in 1962.
The strange {78}, apparently of a fleet of bizarre darklooking flying saucers, perplexed investigators and the {83} for ten years.
That was until the perpetrator of a clever hoax confessed everything.
In October 1972, the Daily Express, reported how Alex Birch, then a 24yearold salesman, admitted that as a 14yearold school boy he and two {41} had pulled off the con.
He described them painting the five flying saucers on glass, then photographing them through it, which gave the impression that the UFOs were in the air.
Another {78} published by the CIA is that of a weird, large, bright disc allegedly snapped on October 20 1960 above Minneapolis in Minnesota.
It was never confirmed what the {78} was supposed to show, but it is believed to have been one of the first examples of a socalledcloaked {113}” – a term devised by hardcore alien conspiracy theoristswho claim that flying saucer pilots sometimes conceal their crafts within {47} to avoid being seen.
According to ufocasebook.com, another site devoted to logging {113} sightings, it is a real uncertainty.
The {28} describes the picture as: “One of thosehard to be sureimagesit seems to show a large oval light source.
No object is actually seen, but then againwhere theres smoke, theres fire.”
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