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What are the many types of UFOs seen in history. Are there any trends? How many different types of UFOs exist. An historical review of the UFOs people have seen through history.

What this {95} is all about:

Most of my books on Aliens and UFOs are about evidence of them existing on Earth.

However, there are also many unusual sightings in space which is the subject of this {95}. These sightings cover the following locations:

UFOs flying around the International Space Station
Bases and UFOs on the Moon

Strange sightings on Mars taken by our Martian rovers.

In deep space elsewhere in the {61} System

These pictures may or may not be real alien {101} or {113} technologies, but they are fascinating none the less.

Some of the sightings like the face in Cydonia are just a result of our natural abilities to see living forms in many types of pictures. But some may turn out to be real phenomena.

Certainly, some of these sightings can’t be anything other than real UFOs.
If you want to learn about strange sightings in the {61} System outside of Earth, then this {95} is for you.

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