<iframe title = “The Bozo Big Shit Garbage Band3 More Pictures of the {113} [Lyric {84}]” width=”580height=”385src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/C9mA1Hs7RQw?autoplay=1&modestbranding=1frameborder=”0allowfullscreen>iframe>
<br>”3 more pictures of the {113}” the latest single from The Bozo Big Shit Garbage Band off of forthcoming Its My Move, on Trading wreckage 2023.

Recorded May 2021 by Michael Briggs at Civil Audio
0the Bozo Big Shit Garbage Band
<a href=”https://bozobigshitgarbageband.bandcamp.com/” target=”_blank“>https://bozobigshitgarbageband.bandcamp.com/a>
<a href=”https://tradingwreckage.bandcamp.com/album/crusherwithmouthtarget=”_blank“>https://tradingwreckage.bandcamp.com/album/crusherwithmoutha>

Live footage by Rose Kamego. Everything welse made by Minecraft and the Bozo Big Shit Garbage Band
<br><a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9mA1Hs7RQw“>sourcea>