<p>What is the bare naked truth behind the Men in Black? Will we ever find out for sure?p><p>There is one idea that the whole MIB myth was created by the government, so that people would speak of these mysterious intimidators and their bizarre activities, their strange appearance and weird mannerisms, just so that the witnesses would appear pretty ridiculous, and in turn their {113} experiences would seem equally ridiculous. This is very possible, and as good a theory as any other.p><p>Although these government masqueraders may be out to perpetrate this bizarre delusion, they are simultaneously succeeding at silencing most of the eyewitnesses of {113} phenomena. But when these people do speak out, they quite often appear as overly imaginative crackpots, which the government depends on.p><p><b>Threats and Harassmentb>p><p>Mostly common ordinary people who have experienced {113} sightings or alien encounters have been pursued by the dark intruders. But even {113} investigators have been approached by MIBs and silenced, because the shadowy men have threatened these researchers in order to seize their studies and investigations of the {113} phenomena. Clearly, the MIBs are suppressing these {113} investigators just in case they might uncover something theyre not supposed to know aboutbut what?p><p>Just what kind of threats have the MIBs imposed on people? And were they intentional or just empty threats? One report stated that the MIBs threatened a witness that he would be sent to prison for treason if he didnt comply. Sometimes they would act overly aggressive, but often they would just give ambiguous threats. But quite often, simply by the power and authority that they exuded, this seemed to be enough to scare the people to keep silent, and this may have been due to the MIBs hypnotic abilities. Sometimes they would bark some emptyor else!” threat and that would be enough to silence them. Although there were numerous such empty threats, more than likely it was the hypnotic spell they cast on their victims that subdued them into a state of fright which caused them to be silenced. Usually the frightened ones would never hear from these mysterious intruders again, but since it took several years for many of them to finally speak out, perhaps it took the mesmeric spell this long to finally fade off.p><p><b>Government Secretsb>p><p>Actually, its not too hard to believe the US government would be involved with bizarre covert operations. In the mid50s government experiments were conducted where minimal levels of radiation were released upon unsuspecting US citizens, supposedly for the benefit of medical knowledge, but clever coverups were initiated to hide the horrifying facts of these inhumane endeavors. Plus there have been the testing of nuclear weapons in supposedly remote locations where wandering people have been exposed. Not to mention that the government has assisted foreign factions that ended up becoming terrorists. So its not really hard to believe the government could send mysterious agents to harass and silence eyewitnesses of various forms of {113} related phenomena.p><p>But why all the silencing and the coverups? We may never have a complete answer, only vague ideas and cloudy speculations. But it makes you think that something pretty big is being concealed by various governments, such as the US, Great Britain, Australia in particular, if they have to go to extreme measures to silence witnesses. But then the meager information that is allowed to be released to the public, through controlled disclosures, is conducted very carefully. When you realize how ridiculous some of the information is we hear, it tends to makes a lot of people skeptical: little green men, invaders from Mars, photos of hubcaps or frisbees whizzing across the sky, pictures of a freaky looking alien shaking the hand of the President, women becoming pregnant after alien abductions, even ominous Men in Black coming to your door to scare you to death and shut you up, and other bizarre stories that we could toss in the category of {113} urban legends, which end up in the highly questionable tabloids. The government depends on these fabricated ridiculous ideas, which causes skepticism to flourish. I wonder, how many of these crazy ideas were deliberately concocted by the government? And how much of it is due to the wild imagination of the public? Obviously the government allows us to speculate and weave fantastic yarns ourselves that end up sounding more like science fiction then plausible fact. Although there is a substantial cultfollowing of {113} believers, the government has still succeeded at planting seeds of skepticism in the rest of the people.p><p>To take a quote from Col. Philip J. Corsos {95}, <i><b>The Day After Roswellb>i>, “The coverup is the disclosure and the disclosure is the coverup.” In order to {50} an elaborate coverup, you have to let some of the information leak out to the public and allow it to be exaggerated to the point of becoming ridiculous, because the public, with its wild imagination, is very good at that. Simply consider Hollywood and the wild sciencefiction movies and television shows it has created over the years to feed our imagination even further. Then we say, “None of this is real, its just fantasy.” But, isnt there a grain of truth somewhere amidst all the fantasy? If we can just strip away the wild imagination and the flagrant speculations we have, will we ever see the bare naked truth? Will we finally see whats <i>reallyi> going on?p>
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