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Near the closing hours of world war two, the nazis started to experiment with moreunconventional aircraft designs. And technologies that some would consider, unnatural.

With the ability to fly in any direction at the moments notice, invisible to radar, and the ability to launch guided missiles, this new flying saucer would have changed the tide of war.

The question remains, Did the Nazis ever built a {113} and what happened to the project?

Hold your disbelief, for this extraspooky Halloween spectacular at found and explained!
It is welldocumented that Nazi Germany had conducted research into advanced propulsion technology.

That included rocket technology too, of course, with the infamous V2 rocket being the precursor to the intercontinental ballistic missiles we have today.

This rocket wizardry within the Third Reich explains why Nazi German scientists were plucked up by both the United States and Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War 2 for their own rocket projects.

But German obsession with cuttingedge technology went back farther in time, everything from flying wingsso somethings otherworldlyAnti gravity

Now I know my audience is rolling their eyes, especially when i covered antigravity last time, but bear with me for a hot minute.

Antigravity research had started in Weimar Germany in the 1920s. The RFZ1 craft was the first antigravity aircraft that also happened to be circular in shape. The craft wasnt constructed by German military or even a German aviation company, but by the ultrasecretive and occultist Vril Society based in Berlin.

Hermann Oberths {95} By Rocket to Interplanetary Space, published in 1923, and numerous other books at the time did much to spur on German experimentation in aircraft and spacecraft development. It resulted in the formation in 1927 of the Society for Space Travel, of which the scientist Wernher von Braun was a member. von Braun was a true genius. Within a few years, he would invent the infamous V2 rocket that stunned the Allies and would go on to be the head of the Saturn V rocket project at NASA that sent men to the moon.

In 1928, the society produced the worlds first rocketpowered automobile, the OpelRak 1, developed together with Fritz von Opel after whom the Opel {109} company is named.

Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany in 1933, and almost instantly the Nazi Party took command

of all rocket and aircraft development, with all astronautical and aviationrelated societies being nationalized andNazified’.

This was done very deliberatelyeven in the 1930s, Hitler and his henchmen were convinced that it would be with cuttingedge technology, including spacecraft, that the Third Reich would rule the world.

Thats German forWonder Weaponand it was the name given by the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda to a series ofsuperweaponsthat the Nazis believed would allow Germany to secure victory and reign supreme over the Allies.

It was a very real, potent belief by the Nazi top brass, which is why so much effort went into technologies that were undoubtedly way ahead of their time.

In fact, ‘Wunderwaffein everything from boats to guns to even trains were already being experimented within the 1930s.

Aviation technology was at the forefront of this push to validate the Nazi claim of Germans as the master race at the helm of the socalledThousand Year Reich’.

The selection of top-{49} sites for underground factories with gigantic workshops and launch pads, known asUplants.’ Germanys top scientist would toil in these behemoth research labs and factories deep underground with one singular goal: the development and production of powerful {49} weapons. A slavelabour contingency numbering 250,000 prisoners would complete work on these subterranean fortresslike labs, factories and launch pads, many of which would be linked by a massive network of tunnels.

Some of these wonder weapons have been welldocumented and known prototypes or even working examples of them made. Others were more shrouded in mystery and have even been debunked by some analysts as being pure myth. The Nazi UFOs are firmly in the latter {67}: no definitive Nazi {113} craft was ever seized, photographed or official use. However, the allegations and conjecture around Nazi {113} craft are immense and there is no denying that they certainly fit into the mould of what would have been a NaziWunderwaffe’.
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