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<br>Hello and welcome to Pointless {107}. Where I tell you the {107} that isnt in the {107} because it is pointless. Today I speak about a {113} {84} that is causing chaos on reddit.

UFOs or UABs or STDs, whatever were calling them now. This is the photo thats blowing up Reddit. People are coming out of the woodworks with their one day account stating that they already figured this one out. There is a witness account who said that it hovered around for a little bit for it shot up into the sky. Thats not Reddit karma, so it doesnt actually count for hard evidence.

Just look at it. Some say its a reflection in a pond. Why is a plane not upside down? Some say that its an overexposed mountain, flying mountain, and some even say this is a real g dang bona fide {113}. A, b, c, d boy. How did it come out? These photos were never actually classified. They were just hidden from the public.

We had a couple of Scottish people there walking out late at night, saw this thing hovering up there and took six photos of it. After taking the six photos. They sent them to the press, the press Senate, the Ministry of {31}, Harry Potter sounding. I know. And it just like you know was an important 32 years passed and some old dude was like, oh my God, Ive been waiting for someone to come around and ask me about this.

So he was afraid of violating some Secrets Act, but they were never classified. They were just hidden. Now Reddit is on fire over this in multiple subreddits. This one photo has re ignited Reddits love of a mystery and also reignited Reddits love of coming to early conclusions. So why does this matter? Its not. Its called pointless {107}. So we got this photo analyzed by a professor at Sheffield, and it turns out its a real thing.

Its the photograph there was no tampering in the negatives or the prints by someone who actually does this for a living. It can find any conceivable idea you could. But a Ph.D. in photography is not Reddit karma, so it doesnt count towards evidence. Reddit scientists concluded This is a rock in a pond. Dont you see it? The rock flying next to the plane.

We definitely dont need to see the other five unclassified photos. We already figured it out. What are we going to see? Five more pictures of a rock. What do I think? Well, dang, man, we do have witness testimonies, but I dont think those matter anymore. We dont trust each other. So we do have witnesses. But their identities are hidden from the public.

Probably for good reason. Because, I mean, Ive received death threats over sharing the wrong opinion on Better Call Saul. So God forbid you actually saw something important or good and have some horrible messages sent to you. I get it. I get it. You dont want to share their identity. These keyboard warriors would be all up in your {18}.

Honestly, the photos cant be that important, otherwise they would be classified instead of just hidden from the public. So yeah, Reddit did solve another mystery using blender animations instead of requiring more context. But thats all I had. My you want to see my fucking doofy reddit karma matters by.

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