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<br>This is a {101} changing 10 minute {84}.
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Supernatural, Extraterrestrial {113} Evidence
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Early December 2010 after the snow had settled, one morning I noticed a strange imprint in the snow on the 6ft trampoline in my back garden, the trampoline has a 8ft high net around it and I could not see any footprint on the settled snow near it. I took a picture with my mobile phone and opened it in photoshop darkening the edges, still I didnt recognise the shape. A few weeks later I decided to take another look in photoshop and tried superimposing the {78} on top of itself changing the opacity to 50% and flipping the layer horizontal, also I used the levels {94}. To my surprise the {78} started to look like something. Feedback welcome

In this {84} I show the original photograph and a part of the technique used to extract the images.

{93} More Here @ BeforeItsNews.com <a href=”http://bit.ly/x55Rtttarget=”_blank“>http://bit.ly/x55Rtta>
Incredible MultiDimensional Alien Images Discovered
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