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It has been long rumored that Wright Patterson Air Force Base harbors a room full of ufo evidence often referred to as “the blue room”. There is a story that at one point the contents of this room were filmed. Was there any such thing as the blue room? Was it indeed filmed?

A labyrinth of searches and Freedom Of Information Act requests reveals a shocking truth.

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The truth can no longer be contained by those duty-bound to hide it.

What if there was one film that will bring a mainstream audience up to speed on the modern ufo Reality?

Now there is. “Accidental Truth – ufo Revelations” pulls no punches.

Officials who interact with the public regarding the ufo question openly acknowledge that they know things that they can’t reveal. In “Accidental Truth,” the reality of an advanced intelligence engaging humanity becomes undeniably clear.

You will witness revelations on UFOs / UAPs from government insiders that have never been previously shared with the public. From many years of interviews and investigation, Ron James painstakingly connects the dots.

Colonel John Alexander, Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Nick Pope, Dr. Garry Nolan, Ralph Blumenthal, Congressman Tim Burchett, and others help to “accidentally” weave a story that leaves no doubt that another intelligence is somehow operating around us, above us in our atmosphere, beneath our seas and in outer space. Decades of official denial and debunking are irrevocably put to rest in what is being called “one of the best ufo films of all time”.

Dr. Michio Kaku provides scientific analysis and commentary specific to what we know. Never before has a world-class scientist weighed in so deeply on the topic. Until now.

A collection of contributors from across the field all come together to settle the question. The subject is no longer up for debate. You will experience the proof.

The acknowledgment of another advanced intelligence is only the beginning.

This irrefutable truth creates more questions than you can possibly imagine.

“Accidental Truth – ufo Revelations” is being called “a masterpiece” and “one of the best ufo documentaries of all time” by early reviewers.