<iframe title = “{113} FLIES HALF A MILE IN ONE SECOND! | The {49} of Skinwalker Ranch | #Shortswidth=”580height=”385src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Cqdca10xkA?autoplay=1&modestbranding=1frameborder=”0allowfullscreen>iframe>
<br>What is this mysterious flying object caught on camera speeding by? See more in this #Short from The {49} of Skinwalker Ranch.

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Anchored by neverbeforeseen footage of the ranch and what it contains, the series will feature a team of scientists and experts who will conduct a daring and thorough search of this infamous 512acre property located in Utahs Uinta Basin in an attempt to find out thewho?’ ‘what?’ andwhy?’ behind more than 200 years of {113} and paranormal related mysteries.

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