In late August of 1976, 11-year-old Hiroshi Tsutsui of Himeji City, Japan, and two of his friends were playing near his home when they spotted a dark object moving towards them in the sky.

Hiroshi captured four color photos of the object as it silently flew overhead.

This was the not the first time they witnessed this object. A month prior it was seen and photos were attempted, but they were unable to get the exposure correct.

The photos came to light when an employee in a photo Shop noticed the strange pictures while going through processing and made a note to call the photographer.

He also contacted a ufo research organization and advised them of the photos and the photographer.

An examination of the photographs by photo experts failed to show any evidence of fraud. The object progression in the series of images is consistent and it grows in size as it approaches until a definite structured form is visible.


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