Around 11:30am, on June 22, 1977, thirty-nine-year-old Yukio Ishida was driving along the bank of the Toyokawa Canal in Kozakai-Cho, Aichi Prefecture, when he noticed a strange object flying above a building alongside the canal.

He stopped his car and proceeded to capture a sequence of six shots using a Canon F-1 camera with a 55mm lens.

According to a report published by editor Hachiro Kubota in the Japanese periodical UFOs and Space “the circular craft was silvery metallic in the center with a greenish metallic flange around it and the center on top was raised into a dome.”

After the ufo left the scene. Mr. Ishida sat in his car for a few minutes before continuing his drive. Shortly thereafter he noticed the object again, this time over some power lines and shot the remaining four photos.

It was also reported that many witnesses observed a flying disc over nearby Aichi High School.


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