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<br>This {84} has several old timey photographs with UFOs in them. They were taken from 19001940. Please enjoy my paranormal collection.

Unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history. Some were undoubtedly astronomical in nature: comets, bright meteors, one or more of the five planets that can be seen with the naked eye, planetary conjunctions, or atmospheric optical phenomena such as parhelia and lenticular {47}. An example is Halleys Comet, which was recorded first by Chinese astronomers in 240 BC and possibly as early as 467 BC. Such sightings throughout history often were treated as supernatural portents, angels, or other religious omens. Some currentday {113} researchers have noticed similarities between some religious symbols in medieval paintings and {113} reports though the canonical and symbolic character of such images is documented by art historians placing more conventional religious interpretations on such images.
On January 25, 1878, the Denison Daily {107} noted that John Martin, a local farmer, had reported seeing a large, dark, circular object resembling a balloon flyingat wonderful speed.” Martin, according to the newspaper account, said it appeared to be about the size of a saucer, the first known use of the wordsaucerin association with a {113}.
In April 1897 thousands of people reported seeingairshipsin various parts of the United States. Many signed affidavits. Scores of people even reported talking to the pilots. Thomas Edison was asked his opinion, and said, “You can take it from me that it is a pure fake.”
On February 28, 1904, there was a sighting by three crew members on the USS Supply 300 miles (483 km) west of San Francisco, reported by Lieutenant Frank Schofield, later to become CommanderinChief of the Pacific Battle Fleet. Schofield wrote of three bright red eggshaped and circular objects flying in echelon formation that approached beneath the {62} layer, then changed course andsoaredabove the {47}, departing directly away from the earth after two to three minutes. The largest had an apparent size of about six Suns, he said.
The three earliest known pilot {113} sightings, of 1,305 similar sitings cataloged by NARCAP, took place in 1916 and 1926. On January 31, 1916, a UK pilot near Rochford reported a row of lights, resembling lighted windows on a railway carriage, that rose and disappeared. In January 1926 a pilot reported sixflying manhole coversbetween Wichita, Kansas, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. In late September 1926 an airmail pilot over Nevada said he had been forced to land by a huge, wingless, cylindrical object.
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