the following write up is a snippet of the email that accompanied the picture,ive shortend it down to just the basics…………….This picture was taken in Epping Forrest England on 11/09/2010 at 15:30pm. i saw this dark figure stood by a tree on the other side of the path to the right of the trees shown in the centre of the pic, at first I just thought it was a man resting, as I moved further down the path this thing just started running towards the left across the path, I could see it was no man, it was very tall and slim and looked kinda reptilian like, as it ran it seemed to start fading, it wasn’t like it disappeared, it kinda looked like a magnifying glass with no frame if that makes sense, if it wasn’t moving I probably would not have seen it but I could still see the outline as it ran. Im not sure if it ran past the point of where I took its picture, I didn’t see it pass the tree in the picture but I didn’t exactly hang around after I took it, I pretty much ran back to my car backwards, i gotta tell you I fuckin shit myself, the way it moved was just fucking unhuman, it kinda made me feel dizzy and disorientated I don’t know if it was fright or what but my head just spun out, I aint never seen shit like that before, never.