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<br>In this episode, esteemed Author and Producer G.O. Turner joins Jason in our {29} studio to discuss his latest groundbreaking {95}, “{113} Science, {49} New Physics, Vehicles, and UAP.” With a unique background as a television Producer/Director, Garry brings a distinctive set of communication skills to unravel the intricacies of the science behind {113} technology and their operations.

While G.O. Turner may not boast a traditional PhD in thermodynamics or condensedmatter physics, his particular set of skills in conveying complex ideas both verbally and visually sets the stage for a compelling exploration into the world of unidentified aerial phenomena. Turner challenges the perception that only top scientists can engage with these concepts, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between the academic realm and the everyday world.

Having spent decades navigating the entrenched stigma surrounding UFOs and related topics, G.O. Turner is on a mission to redefine the conversation. The question of belief, he argues, should shift towards dismantling the status quo and exploring the possibilities that were once deemed impossible. Drawing from his experiences sitting with various science figures, Turner has distilled their theories into an easily digestible guidebook, inviting laypeople to join the conversation.

In this episode, listeners can expect a thoughtprovoking journey through the realms of highfrequency plasma fields, unconventional physics, and the untold stories of {113} encounters. G.O. Turners commitment to demystifying these concepts ensures that the value extends beyond the academic {11}, reaching everyday individuals who deserve to explore the real misnomers surrounding {113} science. So, grab your favourite beverage, settle in, and lets bridge the gap between the academic and everyday worlds as G.O. Turner fills the vacuum left by the towering figures in the scientific {11}. * * * Please Note The guest correction here:* “There was a moment I misspoke about the jellyfish UAP {84}. I had mentioned that while the object was visible from the sentry balloons infrared camera, soldiers on the ground couldnt spot it with their night vision scopes. It rather implied that night vision used something other than infrared. As the words came out I realized my mistake.” –G.O Turner
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UAP STUDIES Podcast is a distinguished podcast that stands as the foremost authority in the realm of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena studies and brings together a diverse array of professionals including scientists, military personnel, reporters, investigators, and researchers hailing from every corner of the world. Canadian Ufologist/ Researcher Jason Guillemette and the distinguished Dr. Michael Glawson, (S.C.U.) Together, they lead this unique podcast, ushering you into the world of UAP with an unparalleled commitment to professionalism and rigour.
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