<p>The idea of UFOs flying down and saving humanity from injustice and woe is a popularized {78} from the last few decades. Lets identify the {113} trend, popular Christian images, the Mayan calendar with its 2012 predictions, and a reality of PHOTONs flying from clearly identified astrophysical objects.p><p>Some fifty years ago UFOs captured the attention of people looking up to the skies. Once reports started and the government investigated, more and more UFOs appeared. Its like watching recently popularized crop circles. Simple circular forms started around Stonehedge. Lights collect over a wheat field and quickly trace out circular patterns. The more people learn and connect their consciousness to these phenomena, the greater their number and complexity. Humans focus attention to generate energies for the complexities of {101} to manifest.p><p>Many people today tap into {113} hopes and dreams. Because people share memories of space ships (collected from numerous popularized movies from ET to Star Wars), I believe people have real experiences. The small bodied, large head and huge eyed alien motifs amass in imaginations. Individuals even get transported into spaceships, reporting sensational experiences. Even without any physical evidence, books, movies, and sightings of lights perpetuate beliefs in UFOs.p><p>Modern {113} phenomena appear very similar to Christian hopes of Jesusimminent return. For almost 2000 years, groups of Christians await to identify Jesus returning to Earth to rule over a 1000 year Millennium of peace. “Look, he is coming on the {47}” (Revelations 1:7). Jesus would likely return similar to his ascension to heaven (Luke 24:51). Note that theSeventh Day Adventistmovement was started after Jesus didnt return in 1843.p><p>The classical Mayan Indian Empire relied on an intricate calendar to predict Earths climax and potentialrecreation.” Major classical Mayan cities extend from Palenque in Mexico, to Tikal in Guatemala and Copan in Honduras. They mysteriouslyfellaround 800AD, possible when their calendrical cycles reached Their primary transformative climax is established at 13 baktuns, Some predicted it for 2002. Nothing happened. Now 2012 is the year, that is if 3114 BC is considered to be their cyclic start date of><p>Human consciousness shares hopes for global peace and harmony. World religions express this climax of history. Jews await the Messiah, Christians the return of Jesus, their Messiah. Hindus believe Kalki (the final incarnation of Vishnu) will reestablish divine order. Buddhists pray, meditate, and post prayer flags calling on Maitreya, the final incarnation of Buddha. Various Muslims, especially Shia Muslim, believe a perfect teacher (which Muhammad represented) will come to establish justice.p><p>With rampant suffering and injustice, humanity awaits a major climactic event. This is real. Now, what can we learn from scientific data aboutidentified flying objects.”p><p>Data from science actually supplies us with powerfulidentifiableenergies. Maybe we can realize the reality of identifiable extraterrestrial sources, tap into the power of these flying photons (light), and help generate the reality of a great, glorious future for humanity. Earth is a powerful magnet that attracts light from many sources. The most powerful high energy gamma rays and Xrays stem from the Vela Pulsar. Scientists estimate that its supernova explosion occurred about 10,000 years ago. The Vela is about 1000 light years away. About 1000 years ago (1054AD), the Crab Supernova was temporarily a star almost the size of the moon. Powerful radio waves from the Vela and Crab Pulsars reach us right now.p><p>Evidence exists that stars help align the great pyramids in Egypt. Our connection to the stars and the divine celestial sphere is as old as civilizations. Carved into the pyramid walls of Unas (23752345 BC) is probably the oldest known religious liturgy. Sirius, our brightest star, was calledSothis.” Most recognize the Great Bear constellation as thebig dipper.” Heres part of Utterance 302 (Piankoff, 1968 with parentheses from the translator).p><p>”Sothis lives (i.e., shines) for it is Unas who is indeed the living (star), the son of Sothis. … Sothis has let Unas fly towards heaven amongst his brothers, the gods. The two Enneads have purified themselves for him as the Great Bear constellation which cannot perish. … There is no word against Unas on earth among men. There is no crime of Unas in the sky among the gods. Unas has done away with the word against him, he has annulled it, in order to rise towards heaven. The Opener of the Ways has let Unas fly to heaven amongst his brothers, the gods.”p><p>Astrophysicists identify powerful light from space. Lets plug into real energies connecting to us right now. If we focus on these real energies and put them within our consciousnessno matter what our religious or philosophical viewpointthen we can ground these energies.p><p>To complete this article I ask why extraterrestrials need spaceships. Is materialism our grand goal? Our physical bodies live for a finite amount of time. Primarily we are here to experience core family relationships and plug into {101}: real energies from water, plants, animals, minerals, humans, and light (suns, star forms, and reflected light from the moon and planets). The 10% of our minds we use right now is enough to plug in and experience the flow of energies. In theafterlifewe can potentially access the rest of the mind, put thedreamof {101} into an ideal aesthetic flow, and refine energies within fabrics of time and space. (Yes this sentence is a mouthful.) For now, lets ground theextraterrestrialenergies from the heavens, our celestial connections. Earth can blossom. We can share the joy of peace.p><p>We all live on one Earth. The synergism of individual and humane {67} power can generate climactic peace and prosperity. All spiritual paths can be strengthened by accessing power inIdentified Flying Objects.” The sun clearly emits high energy, visible light, and radio waves. Powerful sources from the heavens (stars and star forms) are real. Lets plug in, embody real energies and transfer this power within our own religious and spiritual practices.p>
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