<iframe title = “US Congress &amp; Pentagon fight over {113} Disclosure, Fleet of Mexico UFOs &amp; ET Revelations on Maui Firewidth=”580height=”385src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/_w2m64z2JqY?autoplay=1&modestbranding=1frameborder=”0allowfullscreen>iframe>
<br>Topics covered in the Week in ReviewExopolitics Today Sept 2, 2023:
·      Congress and Pentagon power struggle over {113} Disclosure,
·      {113} fleet emerges from Mexico Volcano,
·      Alien entities being seen in Peru,
·      Interview with First Whistleblower on reverse engineering spacecraft,
·      John Lear revelations,
·      Elena Danaan on Prince Eas Lahaina Revelations & Assassination Attempts,
·      UAP threat perceptions continue to dominate mainstream {107},
·      Interview with LA Marzulli,
·      Pushback on David Grusch testimony,
·      Official UAP {28} created with intervention by Deputy Secretary of {31}, Kathleen Hicks.

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