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►A UK wide security review has been launched amid concerns Chinese spy balloons have infiltrated British airpace.

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he’ll do ”whatever it takes to keep the country safe” after several unidentified objects were destroyed after being spotted in the sky over the U.S.

This might not look like much – but this is the moment the first ufo was shot down by the American military on the 4th February. It had flown over several sensitive military sites and U.S authorities say they think it was sent by China.

Since then, 3 further unidentified objects have been shot out of the sky and they really are all unidentified – the American government can’t work out exactly how they fly – and won’t rule out the fact that they might be extra-terrestrial. Our Correspondent Simon Vigar has more on the objects troubling military bosses on both sides of the pond.

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