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<br>When aviator John Lear died in 2022, he left behind a colorful legacy filled with wild claims about hostile aliens, {49} bases, global conspiracies, and government cabalsLear was more than familiar with the dark secrets and shady dealings of the Black World. He grew up in that environment. As the son of aviation legend Bill Lear, John piloted just about every aircraft of his day, mingled with highranking {31} officials and aerospace bigshotsflew {49} cargo missions for the CIAand learned firsthand about excessive secrecy and disinformation. Lear became obsessed with the {113} mystery and in the 1980s, emerged as a harsh critic of what he described as a massive coverup operation. As he grew older, Lears claims became more grandiose. Some of his allegations were far fetched. However, a few turned out to be trueFor both George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell, Lear played a pivotal role in their own interest in {113} matters. In this episode, learn about Lears colorful {101}, grandiose claims, and his lasting impact on the subject.


In WEAPONIZED, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp pull back the veil on the world of the known, to explore the unexplained. This multiplatform investigative series features exclusive interviews, neverbeforeseen footage, previouslysuppressed documents, original audio and {84} recordings, and hard evidence related to UFOs, the paranormal, cuttingedge science, coverups, conspiracies, and bigtime crimes. Original, groundbreaking conversations with government whistleblowers, spies, spooks, scientists, military officials, muckraking journalists, filmmakers, historians, artists, musicians, and major celebrities will cast a wide shadow through the otherworldand detail the human experiences that inform these extraordinary phenomena. Your curiosity will be WEAPONIZED.

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JEREMY CORBELL is an American contemporary artist and investigative filmmaker with movies on Netflix and Hulu. He is known for his documentary work exploring mysteries in the fields of UFOs, advanced technology and thedark spacewhere science confronts the abnormal. Corbells films reveal how ideas, held by credible individuals, can alter the way we experience reality and help us to reconsider the fabric of our own beliefs.

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GEORGE KNAPP is an investigative journalist, whose work has been recognized with Edward R Murrow Awards, DuPont, Peabody Awards, and 28 Regional Emmy Awards. He is the chief investigative reporter for KLAS TV (CBS) and a regular host of the syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio show. His numerous exclusives include his reporting on the story of Bob Lazar, the public coverage of Area 51 and Skinwalker Ranch.

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